How to Perform a Content Audit to Grow Site Traffic

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I had just pitched my crazy-sounding plan to a potential client during a sales call…

After 15 seconds of silence, he finally said: “You’re kidding me, right…? So you’re telling me if I delete 80% of my content, I’ll actually get more organic traffic? Are you insane?”

That wasn’t the first time I’d gotten that kind of response.

Having been in the search engine optimization (SEO) world for 6+ years now, I’ve been called just about every synonym for “crazy” you can find in the thesaurus. Most people don’t like hearing that their non-SEO-focused content is actually hurting them from an organic-traffic standpoint.

But here’s what they don’t realize: It has been proven—time and again—that you can generate more organic traffic every month with just a handful of SEO-focused posts than you can with tons of nonoptimized posts.

(Here’s a great case study from Ahrefs that shows this is true.)

An example: after removing and redirecting 195 blog posts (more on how to do this in a minute), my friends at generated close to a 100% increase in organic traffic in just five months.

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