The eBook Relativity 4 Engineers

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Product Name: The eBook Relativity 4 Engineers

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Buy the eBook Relativity 4 Engineers eBook for just 4c per page, each packed with interesting engineering views on relativity and cosmology! It comes in convenient PDF format, where you have complete control over how it is displayed. And there is NO chance of viruses infecting your computer.

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If you buy the eBook Relativity 4 Engineers, you get one PDF document containing all the pdf files from this website, plus-plus.

* Table of Contents with hyper-links

* List of Figures with hyper-links

* How Relativistic Gravitational Acceleration is Derived

The derivations of the relativistic accelerations are possibly unique – the author does not know of any previous work that gives the result in this ‘Engineering Form’.

OK, then there are the more mundane specifications of the eBook:

The file size of the eBook is less than 2.5MB, so it downloads in a reasonably short time, depending upon the speed of your Internet connection of course. It typically takes around one minute (at 300 Kbits/sec).

Your Relativity 4 Engineers eBook is printer-friendly, in case you would like to print it out – no color borders and logos to worry about in the printed copy.

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